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And to kick us off, let’s get some perspectives. To be more precise my piece on the  Classic Fine Foods‘ CFFALT Perspectives and recently launched CFFALT Recipe Book.

✨I believe that complementary ingredients or enhancers to alternative protein are often overlooked but have huge potential. Innovative fats and sweeteners can improve the taste and texture of alternative protein, bringing it closer to the animal version… there is an urgent need for complementary ingredients in both savory and sweet applications, particularly in the underrepresented alternative protein dessert segment, which is steadily growing alongside the strong market performance of plant-based dairy.✨

The CFFALT Recipe Book isn’t just a cookbook; it’s a narrative of creativity, innovation, and flavor. It serves as a testament to the versatility of alternative protein ingredients, showcasing Classic Fine Foods’ commitment to excellence and dedication to promoting sustainable and innovative culinary practices.

Read the full text on  https://lnkd.in/dGiXkbFw  with perspectives from:

Karen Tay – Classic Fine Foods,  Sonalie Figueiras– Green Queen MediaMirte Gosker,  The Good Food Institute APAC,  Nicolas Morin-Forest – GOURMEYAndre Menezes – TiNDLE FoodsCharlotte Mei de Drouas – Nutritionist,  Rodolphe Landemaine –  Maison LandemaineMarike van Beurden – Be Better My Friend,  Axel Katalan – JULIENNE BRUNO®Frank Anders – NX-Food and the controversial  ChatGPT ❗

I want to take a moment to acknowledge Classic Fine Foods Singapore. Which has been a conduit to alternative protein acceleration in Asia Pacific. As the first company to launch  Impossible FoodsKARANA Foods,  TiNDLE Foods  and  Coolhaus  amongst many others!

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