Last week I got the opportunity of a lifetime to attend the  World Economic Forum  in Davos. So many fascinating discussions, inspiring leaders, movers, thinkers it really made me stop and think of what I need to prioritise to make a true impact on the World.

This could not have happened without an invitation from  Helena Wasserman Eriksson  who pulled an incredible feat of getting 80+ members from the  Top Tier Impact  global network to attend, so much gratitude to her,  Alessa Berg  and the TTI team for arranging so many meaningful connections in 4 days! 

Some of the key takeaways:

Food Security
WBCSD – World Business Council for Sustainable Development  CEO Guide to Food System Transformation:  Theo De Jager  shared that we must include farmers into the conversation with food innovation and transformation and we must demand that farmers be paid regularly and not per harvest!

Burjeel Hospital  Financing Cancer Care: A Lancet Oncology Commission:  Sonali JohnsonRifat Atun  It’s not just about innovation but it’s about ensuring traditional health care therapies can reach a broader audience with the aid of e-diagnostics and digitalisation.

Cloud Connectivity & Web3 
The increasing privatisation of cloud services, satellite systems and web3 applications, will allow for further data democratisation, with endless opportunities and access to all.

Just Equitable Diversity Inclusion (JEDI) quoting the inspirational astronaut  Sian “Leo” Proctor, Ph.D.
This has been a recurring theme echoed in almost every discussion. The time to act is now, we need to be bold and look inwards to address our biases and empower women and people of colour who have been left behind in so many decisions.

A special thank you to all the incredible minds I met along the way and it could not have been any better that I was hosted by my best friend and mentor (who literally set me up on this path)  Lynn Räbsamen, CFA  in Schindellegi <3

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