Conventional industrial livestock production is responsible for 14.5-18 percent of human-induced greenhouse gas emission, causes pollution to the nearby communities, poses a lot of animal welfare issues, and might be the transmission source for emerging diseases, which eventually might become the next pandemic. In contrast, cell-based technologies allow animal-free meat production with up to 96% less greenhouse gas emission, in disease-free environment. What are the challenges that tech companies currently face? And how long will it take until cell-based meat gets commercialized and industrialized? Will cultured meat be the future of livestock industry? In this session, Chirstian Cadeo, Managing Partner of Big Idea Ventures, Vinayaka, Founder and CEO of Gaia Foods, and Nicolas Morin-Forest, Co-Founder and CEO of Gourmey, will be discussing on the frontier of cell-based technologies, and how the cell-based startups tackle food security and consumer acceptance.

GOURMEY is France’s first cultivated meat company using cull cultivation technology. It is first reinventing the most French delicacy – foie gras by using duck egg cells and replicating the effect of force-feeding directly to at the cell level.

Gaia Foods is a Singapore cell-based company that produces cell-based red meats that are widely consumed in Asia. Gaia Foods uses clean, advanced and efficient cell technology that circumvents the Earth-degrading process of current traditional meat production.

Big Idea Ventures is a new alternative protein venture capital fund/accelerator based in New York and Singapore. It has major investors in the fund such as Temasek Holdings, Tyson Food (NYSE: TSN/Forture 100 company), Buhler Group and some of the largest family offices globally.

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