This episode of Conversations with Vegan Women Leaders features one of two panel discussions hosted by the Vegan Women’s Leadership Network in August 2020 for VegFestUK’s Summerfest Online event.

We hear from some terrific women from across the globe from diverse professional backgrounds, including vegan entrepreneurs and the program director of a venture capital firm who discuss:

  • The challenges they faced when first starting out and how they handled them
  • The current challenges they’re facing, particularly with the COVID-19 situation, and how they’re handling them
  • Their experiences as vegan women in the business world including the best and worst moments of their professional lives
  • Their advice for vegan women and girls who want to combine your careers with your passion, whether that’s working as an employee or starting your own business
  • What the so-called work-life balance means to them and how it plays out in their lives
  • The key lessons they’ve learned as either an entrepreneur or working in the vegan and plant-based space
  • And more

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