Dalal Alghawas

Food and biological science professional with experience in clinical research, diagnostics, public health, food technology and regulatory requirements on food safety. Dalal received her PhD in Food Science and Food Biotechnology from the University of Hong Kong in 2017, MSc in Biomedical Sciences from the Manchester Metropolitan University in 2007 and BSc in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Manchester in 2006. She previously worked at the Dasman Diabetes Institute as a Research Associate. She is currently working at Brinc as a program manager and was responsible for developing the first Food Technology Accelerator in Hong Kong.

To date Brinc has accelerated up to 10 companies focused around Food Technology with special focus on plant-based protein alternates, sustainability, cooking equipment and food related software. By the end of the year Brinc are looking to close this year with 20 Food Tech Companies, adding to Brinc’s portfolio in Agri-Food tech.

Dalal will be speaking at Session 1: How To Be The Next Big Food Disruptor

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