A week of firsts in Singapore.
First time at FHA and the first ever Alternative Protein Asia forum- it was great to present the game-changing  Miruku  technology alongside excellent presentations by  Michal Klar  from  Better Bite Ventures  and  Michelle Colgrave  from  CSIRO  moderated by  Luke Tay. and including the powerhouse of knowledge from  Big Idea Ventures Dr. Dalal AlGhawas

Also tried the  GOOD Meat  cell-based chicken for the first time and bought the  Coolhaus  Icecream off the shelf which uses recombinant whey protein as an ingredient.

Fair to say these products have a way to go before they equal taste/price/texture of their animal equivalents but still an amazing achievement to bring these technologies V.1 to market.

If we didn’t catch up this time let’s meet when I am back for  Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit  in October.

Thanks also to  Aparna V.  from Buhler and  Angela Tay  from AgFunder for the coffee catch-ups.

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