Singapore is seeing an explosion of plant-based meats and it’s slowly being embraced as it moves from the fringes into the mainstream. With so many alternatives now available, how does one effectively navigate the wide universe of plant based meats? Listen to experts as they break it down for you – from soy and gluten to konjac, mycelium and microbial fermentation to cell based meat. Does it really taste like meat? Is it nutritious and healthy? Can I afford it? And if I’m not vegan, should I still make the switch? These are just some of the questions we will explore as we decode the world of alt-protein.

Panellists: Ronald Dalderup, CMO Growthwell Foods; Abhinav Sinha, Founder GoodDo and VP Strategic Partnership at GoodDot (India);  Dr. Dalal Alghawas, Program Director, Big Idea Ventures | Format: LIVE Virtual  

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